Auburn Select Boys Basketball League Rules



 Auburn Select Boys Basketball League Rules 2019-20

All rules and game schedules subject to change!


Gymnasium Rules:

1.      Gym will open 15 minutes prior to first game. Do not be early.

2.      Spectators, coaches, and players who display poor sportsmanship will be removed.

3.      Admission will NOT be charged.  

4.      Concessions will be available.

5.      Water in plastic bottles allowed in gym- no other food or drink!

6.      “Hold the balls!” No dribbling in lobby, on sidelines or shooting at “free” hoops.

7.      Children must be supervised.


No Shows:

1.      Teams will be fined $80 for a “no show”- with or without prior notification.

2.      If your opponent fails to show, you will be reimbursed $80 from opponent’s “no show” fine.

3.      Games canceled due to weather/power issues will likely not be made up.



Pre and post game requirements:

1.      Coaches will shake hands with each other and officials prior to game.

2.      Teams will congratulate each other immediately after the game.

3.      Teams will then remove all personal belongings from bench area and quickly clear the gym. Please    conduct post game meetings in the lobby or outside.

4.      Teams preparing to play will not “take the court” until the previous teams have cleared the gym.


Score Keepers:

1.      Each team must provide one person to run the scoreboard and scoresheet.


Rosters:  Roster form must be completed and turned in to league’s scorekeeper immediately prior to the first game. Any change after the first game requires permission of league directors. *One team per player!


Game Rules:

  1. All regular HS rules will be used with a few exceptions. 

  2. Officials are in charge. Their rulings are final. Game protests not allowed.


Game Length:

  1. Each quarter will be 10 minutes running time.

  2. Clock will stop for time-outs. (3 per team)

  3. Clock will stop for all violations during the last 30 seconds of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters.

  4. Clock will stop for all violations during the final minute of the game regardless of the score.

  5. Time will run during all other violations.

  6. Quarter breaks will be one minute in length.

  7. Half time will be three minutes.

  8. Teams who intentionally stall at the free throw line or while subbing will be assessed a time-out and opposing team will be awarded 2 points and possession of the ball.


TIME OUTS: Each team is allowed 3 one minute time-outs


 Games must start on time:

1.      Teams must have five players to start a game.

2.      Teams must have four players minimum on the floor at all times or they forfeit.

3.      Games may be forfeited or game length may be shortened if team(s) are late.


Overtime: ONE MINUTE – Stop Clock-

  1. Officials and coaches will meet at the end of regulation if the score is tied.

  2. Overtime rules below will be discussed; teams will then have 30 seconds to take the court.

  3. Overtime will begin with a jump ball.

  4. No time-outs will be allowed whether a team has one left or not!

  5. Individual and team fouls carry over from fourth quarter.

  6. If the score remains tied after one minute, all overtimes beyond the first will be 30 seconds in length.


Procedural Technical Fouls: Too many players on the floor, incorrect scorebook information, wearing jewelry on the floor, etc are not considered unsportsmanlike. Officials have been asked to work with teams during the first few weeks but eventually technical fouls will be assessed for these violations and two points and possession of the ball will be awarded to opponents


Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls: Arguing with officials, taunting, profanity, hard fouls, etc. Officials have final say on the “type” of technical foul to be assessed.


Penalty for first Unsportsmanlike Technical Foul on player or COACH:

Two points for opposing team and possession of ball. Player must sit the remainder of the half and the coach will be “seat belted”.


Two Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls on a player or a COACH will cause the player or coach to be removed from the gym for that game and suspended from participating in the team’s next game.


Any team that amasses THREE total Unsportsmanlike technical fouls in a single game will forfeit the game and must pay a $80 fine before playing the next week.


An intentional foul will result in two points and possession of the ball.

“Intentional Fouls” are fouls made on purpose just to stop the clock but if the officials deem “excessive” force was used (for example: a player grabs and holds another player) the foul may be upgraded to “unsportsmanlike”.


Reminders of regular HS rules regarding FOULS:

  1. Players foul out after 5 personal fouls. (All technical fouls count as personals.)

  2. Teams shoot one and one free throws after the seventh team foul.

  3. Teams shoot two free throws after the tenth team foul.

  4. A player fouled while shooting gets two free throws. If the field goal attempt is made, the shooter is awarded just one free throw.

  5. A player fouled shooting a 3 point shot will be rewarded three free throws.


Miscellaneous Reminders of HS Rules:

  1. Teams have 10 seconds to get the ball over the half court line.

  2. Over and back will be called.

  3. Alternating possession will be used for jump balls.

  4. Three seconds in the key will be called.

  5. Shot clock will NOT be used.

  6. Only the head coach is allowed to stand during game play. Assistant coaches must remain seated. 


 Full court pressing, half court trapping, zone defenses and double teaming is ALLOWED.*



  1. Full court pressing or half court trapping is not allowed by a team leading by 15 or more.

  2. Teams will be warned once and then opponent will be awarded 2 points.

  3. When the “No Press” rule is in effect, defenders must retreat over half court.

  4. Teams may still “double-team” a post player, play non trapping man to man, or play a non trapping zone.


Grade 3 and 4 teams may not PRESS, play ZONE, or a trapping man to man defense until Jan 18. (Week 5)

Grade 5 may not PRESS, play ZONE, or a trapping man to man defense until December 14. (Week 3)


Game Ball and Ball Size

Grades 3 - 6 will use the Mid size 28.5” Basketball.  

Grades 7-8 will use official 29.5’ Basketball.

Home team provides game ball.


Home Team/Uniforms:

Team listed first on the game schedule is HOME.

Home team bench is to the right of the scorekeeper as the scorekeeper faces the court.

HOME wears WHITE (or very light). VISITORS are DARK.

Uniforms MUST have numbers on FRONT and BACK.


Bad Weather/Power Outages:

Auburn Schools being closed on the Friday before games does NOT mean games are cancelled. It is highly unlikely any games missed by a team or cancelled by the league or Auburn School District due to weather related conditions will be made up. It is the league’s intention to open the gym for each scheduled game. Games must go on!  For rescheduling and make-ups, the best the league can offer is dependent on the individual teams involved. Flexibility and cooperation with each other will be appreciated.


Unforeseen Problems:

Sarah Brown and Ryan Hansen will discuss the issue and make any necessary ruling.



Tie Breakers for seeding into play-offs

1) Head to Head

2) Point Differential (Maximum single game margin of victory is 15 points)

3) Non-League Games

4) Coin Toss


Results and Standings will be posted . If there is an error or any game day or site issue


Phil Way : Grade 3 and 4 questions or anything left at Olympic Middle School



Lincoln Burt Grade 5-8 questions or anything left at AHS