Abe VanDerPuy

Abe VanDerPuy has been a teacher and coach at AHS for the last 16 years.  Coach VanDerPuy started off his career at AHS on Coach Hansen’s first coaching staff during the 2002-03 season.  He spent the next 10 seasons coaching in the basketball program before leaving to coach his son’s youth team.  Coach VanDerPuy attended Curtis High School where he was both a football and basketball player, earning all-league honors as a tight end.  He then attended Western Washington University where he played football for two years and earned his degree in political science.  He currently coaches football and teaches World Studies and AP Government here at AHS.  Abe currently lives in Bonney Lake with his wife, Megan, his son Owen (AHS 2021),  and his daughter Lauren (AHS 2023).

Rowland Quinit

Rowland is a former player of the Trojans and Coach Hansen.  Row was a very tough player and will bring that toughness to our program and players.  They can learn a lot about competitive spirit from Coach Q.  We are very fortunate to have Coach Q be a part of our coaching staff.